Game Box is a dynamic portal, pre-installed on Android devices, giving access, via banners to Games. The list of games offered is defined with the OEM embedding the Game Box based on their target market and the device specifications. Each OEM Game Box is considered as a specific Channel and can be updated by Game Publisher to promote new content or partners.

key features


Live updates of content on installed base

Push notifications on updates

Telemetry: tracks users activity

User identification: OEM, country, carrier, device, MSISDN

Standalone application displaying HTML5 page

Flexibility of content updations

Detects already installed games and launches them

key benefits


Increase ARPU and gaming revenue

Access and engage users worldwide for increased revenue opportunities

Multiple business & licensing models

Create multiple business & licensing models like Try & Buy, in- application billing, subscriptions, bundled subscriptions & various time bound licensing options.

Reduces the dependency on the traditional portals and introduces new portals and new revenue streams

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