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It's raining SMS!!

It's raining SMS!!

"The monsoon has arrived and with it, the need for mass roll out of alert notifications to generate public awareness on weather information for the day"

Does this sound familiar in today’s urban communication environment? To most city folks it does and such is the ubiquity & reliability of Short Message Text (SMS) that it has become a choice of communications for extraordinary engagement and conversion.

IP messaging applications working on data networks are continuously challenging the popularity of SMS however it continues to live as its technology has an advantage over the fragmented third-party applications where both the sender and the receiver of the message must own a similar device or install a specific application. Ex: Apple iSMS, WhatsApp. A2P SMS, where contact is made to or from a business application presents an opportunity to continue generating income from SMS. The market is currently concentrated on four main areas: promotion, utilities, service & loyalty and demand is driven by critical business-applications to people communication. According to industry estimates, by 2020 A2P messaging is expected to account for more than 49% of all SMS volumes and will be $ 70 Bn industry.

Consider a market like India where rural network penetration is still relatively low & you need to establish communication under sub-optimal conditions. This use case represents 70% of India’s population living in villages and it is this target audience that is chased by Banking, Healthcare, Education, Security, Social Awareness and Customer Support companies. Enterprises offering these services need to convey critical information and their best bet for now is to deliver an SMS on 2G/3G powered feature phones. The role of SMS is critical!!!

At Tanla Solutions, we enable SMS delivery most effectively and efficiently by working very closely with mobile network operators. We do not chase network interconnects alone and emphasize on ‘in-network’ deployment of our platform so that no single SMS misses to its intended recipient. We cater to consumer facing brands that use text messaging to deliver brand messages and links to downloadable content and perks, to large retailers that cleverly use text messaging to deliver product vouchers and drive customer loyalty. While doing so, we also ensure that the subscribers of mobile networks we deliver SMS traffic to are protected from spam, fraud and relentless flooding by using our ‘best-in-class’ SMS firewall. Our vision for SMS is to resolve a conflict between all the players in the value chain, create a leap of faith and extend a rich experience with this form of communication.